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90 day: 41.1 mpg (US)
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I have Goodyear Integrity P195/65R15 on my Cobalt (OEM tires) and so far have gotten 33,000 miles out of them and will probably change them sometime shortly after 40k.

At first I was running the tires at 36 psi cold and then pumped them up to 38 cold at around 15k miles. Then at around 25k miles bumped them up to 40 psi cold.

There is no uneven wear and with a rolling resistance of 0.00955 there are only a few tires what will give you better mpg.

I'm in the Raleigh, NC area and we got snow 3 times last year, two put 1 inch on the roads and the third snow put around 2 - 3 inches. While you can easily find better tires for winter weather after temporarily dropping my tires down to 28 psi I had no problems getting around. They have also never given me any problems in the rain.

Only note of caution is if you were thinking on putting it on a heavier car. I have seen reviews on TireRack from people who have put them on cars much heavier then my 2,700 pound Cobalt and not been happy with the results. Based on those reviews I would say you are probably good up to around a 3,100 pound car given that you are going with a thinner tire then what I have.
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