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30MPG is what I was getting with my '97 S-10 and I only had a K&N air filter, catback exhaust, a Jet module and I lowered it 2" all the way around. So it was lowered to the "Extreme" Package level. Only one aero mod and that was new mirrors because the old ones were jacked up. You might want try those items out if you have the money. Also, the reason why the filter on your wife's car fits this S-10 is because it's the same engine (just different engine mounting locations). And that's why it's such a pain to get to the filter on your wife's car without flipping the cruise control box on to the cowl. It's a longitudinally mounted engine in a transversly mounted car. Most of the stuff on Mantapart Performance Products in the 2.2L OHV engine section will work on your S-10.
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