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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
I really want Government Motors to die, or at least truly listen.
I guess the Metro is also a bare-needs car. But the GM you all hate is the Wagoner-controlled GM. Wagoner believed the SUV was the real money-maker. I am going to admit, I love GM. New GM, after they started over, is listening, and observing the competition. They have recently premiered some excellent vehicles. They are focusing less and less on the truck and SUVs. Their most successful large vehicle they have currently is the Equinox, which achieves 32MPG, which is best in class. Meager by Ecomodder's standards, but its a step in the right direction. The Cruze is rumored to get around 40MPG, and the Spark and new Aveo are going to get at or over 40MPG. The new GM is trying, and doing much better than the old GM.

This "bare necessities" car and truck wont see the light of day. GM decided to invest more of its time in the Volt, Cruze, Aveo, and Spark.
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