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Apologies for digging the thread up, but better this than starting a new one on the same subject.

Surprises me how little love there seems to be for these electric concepts, given not only how important they are (Renault is making a massive commitment and taking quite a risk releasing four EVs all at the same time), but also that most of the criticism seems to be aimed at their styling, in a forum that likes the Prius and likes Geo Metros and Honda Civics covered in bits of coroplast...

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and apart from perhaps the Fluence, the others couldn't be called "pretty" as such, but at least they're interesting, and not only that, but they actually work.

Autocar magazine in the UK has tested the Twizy (the small, two-seater city car). The vid is below:

Steve Cropley, the tester, is a fan of these sort of cars and in the last year or so has also driven the Tata Nano and a prototype of Gordon Murray's T25 city car. He seems to give the car a fair bit of praise and I think I'm prepared to trust his judgement. I can't wait to see what a production Twizy will look like.
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