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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I remember Cropley's Tata Nano review - he was surprisingly impressed.

He's definitely not cut from the same cloth as the average reviewer. Especially not the same cloth as the average North American reviewer! (And I think that's a good thing.... meaning he doesn't drink the same "POWAAAHH!" Kool-Aid that the majority of the motoring press seems to.)
You're right, Cropley was very positive about the Nano. His accompanying article in Autocar magazine was excellent.

He seems significantly more down-to-earth than many reviewers which is refreshing - yet he can't be criticised for being too down to earth either, given that he says the best car he drove in 2009 was Rolls Royce's new Ghost! Even that though is reassuring as it means he has some perspective - he doesn't solely drive tiny city cars all the time.

I share his excitement for the Twizy though. It'll be as important in 2013 as the Smart was back in 1998. And it's worth remembering that Nicolas Hayek of Swatch actually wanted the Smart to be electric all the way back then - perhaps Renault will be the company to finally kick electric powertrains into the mainstream.
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