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Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
Wood is a form of hydrocarbon fiber. Figure out the rest.

Here's some more ideas - more DIY than kit form: • View topic - Wooden bicycles, lots of pics
Well, I'm trying. 'hydrocarbon fiber' is just mumbojumbo; our muscles are 'a form of hydrocarbon fiber'. Wood, and bamboo for that matter, is cellulose fiber in a lignin matrix.
The entire bicycle frame flexes, both in torsion and bending. To my knowledge, there are no parts which 'need' flexibility, unless one is referring to tires. Flexibility, as the opposite of stiffness, is a relative property controlled by the designer of the bike to produce the desired ride qualities and performance, from race to beach cruiser. One doesn't just add some flexible parts to the stiff ones to make a bike...
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