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Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
I don't think they refurbish ball joints.

I'm not real impressed with 150k.

This being said. Congrats for treating your vehicle right and keeping it on the road with simple maintenance instead of trading it in cause it 'drives funny'
You may not be impressed with 150K miles, but that's 54K more miles than the original factory parts lasted. I've been driving for over 33 years driving vehicles made by all 3 of the major US manufacturers and some foreign manufacturers and the only vehicle I've ever had that I got more than 150K miles out of a set of ball joints or tie rod ends on was a '76 Chrysler Cordoba, but unlike many people I don't drive them until the front end is about to fall out from underneath me, I replace them at the very first sign of being loose and since they are lifetime warranty, if I am already doing something that is going to require removing the tie rods or ball joints and they are 100K+ miles I'll go ahead and replace them instead of having to tear it apart again possibly in a few months or a year down the road. The ball joint and tie rod end on the left side of this car was still tight when I changed them, but to me it didn't make sense to replace them on one side, have the front end lined up then 6 months or a year down the road have to change the other side and pay someone $50-$75 for another alignment. You couldn't tell by the handling or by wear on the tires that the ball joint or tie rod was worn out, but they had a small amount of slack in them and would make a knocking noise when you'd hit a small bump in the road.

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