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Originally Posted by Peakster View Post
You know what? At this point in the US economy, I have to agree. They will most likely lose their shirts on the Volt. Why?

When the Volt comes out in 24 months, gasoline will be at such an astronomical price that most people will not be able to afford new cars. Especially ones that have a complicated/expensive hybrid system.

I've always been very critcal of hybrids: "buy this $35,000+ vehicle and get better fuel economy than one that costs $13,000 and below". It makes no sense at all. Obviously people that can afford a higher price brand-new car are going to be less fuel-economy conscious than ones scraping by with 10-year-old 4 bangers.
Ya hit that on the head..

I look at it this way, for a car that costs $35K and gets 50ish MPG vs something that costs $20K and gets 40ish MPG..

That Hybrid wont start paying for itself for at least 8 years the way a friend and I figured it... And at that time those Hybrids are going to be beat up and in need of some serious maitenance, replacment parts, ect.

IMHO, Hybrids aren't worth it.. I like what their all about, but for the price, I'll stick with my truck and be content pulling a consistant 29mpg.

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