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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
Good rant Peakster.

I have to agreee with almost everything in it.

I like hybrids in that they do get better economy and are a step in the right direction.

I don't like how expensive and complicated they are.

My first car was an '87 ChevyGeo Spectrum. It got 47 MPG and cost me $800 to buy used. It was fun to drive, simple, and I could fix everything on it with a 10mm wrench.

My motorcycle gets the equivenant of 300 MPG with a simple motor and batteries. I am expecting over 100 mpg equivelent with the ElectroMetro when I am done with it.

Neither of those vehicles will need a radiator, gas tank, or oil change.

The US car companies are going to be surpassed by Indian and Chinese companies who realize the demand for practical, inexpensive vehicles.
A pretty accurate summary and the final paragraph is especially relevant.
Car companies need to seize the initiative and start making relevant cars.

Cheers , Pete.
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