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Originally Posted by redyaris View Post
When in doubt test the hypothasis...
I agree completely, my (hidden) point was that flowbench testing doesn't often account for the actual flow the engine will see under a given duty, rather just giving a concrete response that "X part flows Y more air", without any qualifier, which leads people to believe that it's universally better, which is almost never the case.

Now, if, OTOH, you tested the flow of each specifically at the volume and pressure that would occur under X circumstance, and noted an increase, that would elicit a different response.

Fluid dynamics is one of my favorite subjects, so please don't be offended. I love to discuss it, and learn more about it, and I'd be excited to be shown that (for your specific case) a header outperformed the existing manifold, then explore and understand why it did.

I can think of a few cases where headers have significantly outperformed OE configurations, and I can also mentally recall many that have not, and even a few that have been neutrally resultant.

In all cases, I've tried within my current means to understand the outcome, rather than just accepting it.
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