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Glad to have another ZX2 on the forum. The knock sensor being disconnected will not cause any problems. Lots of guys over at have done this and have had no issues. Ford even recommended this be disconnected on a TSB. I have had mine disconnected for over a year, run the cheapest 87 octane gas I can find, run a warm air intake and have never had any knock issues. Tygen and I have even been experimenting with a controlled air intake leak to force our engines to run lean and still no knock. I drive 52 miles one way to work and it has many ups and downs and average over 40mpg in the summer months and am doing 34 to 36 in the winter. I am not doing any EOC now because of the icy roads, and the winter blend fuel combine for most of my losses. I have an MPGuino installed and have found on my car that I get better mileage at 57mph than I do at 50mph. I guess it is to do with fuel schedules in the ECU. When the snow melts here, I am going to do some more aero mods and make a better WAI. Good luck.
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