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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Hmm. Seems to work in many cities where it's been implemented with fewer accidents.

There also studies that that with stop signs people drive faster to make up time from the previous stop or if it's an open area they will completely ignore the stops.
That is true. Over-regulation breeds contempt for the law, and scofflaw behavior.

Traffic circles are becoming more and more popular.
But that is unworkable for residential streets. (Which is where most of the stop signs are, and where I lose most of my FE in all-city driving.)

So please show me where this data is that has proved removing stop signs has been disastrous?
About a decade ago there was a horrendous fatal crash at one of very few, rare, intersections in my residential neighborhood that had no stop signs. Both drivers assumed the other would have a stop sign, since stop signs are posted for at least one of the streets at every intersection.

I'm very much against so-called "4-way stops". (Again, a feature of the "nanny state".) Often that leads to the assumption that the other driver must stop - sort of a game of "chicken" in reverse.

But YIELD signs ARE traffic control devices. And they keep traffic moving. Or they would, if they were to replace most stop signs, and if we could educate drivers that yield means YIELD!
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