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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Found the problem!

Wasn't the lack of stop sign, it was the lack of driver intelligence... they teach you to yield the right of way if you're not sure. If you have to assume, you're not sure, so you should yield. Simple as that.
I think perhaps you miss the point.

In the suburbs of NY City, where there is literally a stop sign covering one of the streets at every intersection it becomes a reasonable assumption that the other street has a required stop for it. Here the state hands out driver's licenses like candy. In fact, much of the immigrant population is simply driving without licenses and there is no way to stop them, let alone insist that they be knowledgeable operators.

OTOH, yield signs leave no room for assumption. I mean, "what part of the word YIELD do you not understand?"

It may be questionable whether someone may have stopped or not. But if they hit someone, it's self-evident that they didn't yield.
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