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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Hey, I'm an advocate for leaving the signs there, but you can't blame traffic signals for driver ignorance.
I don't think leaving the signs there is a good idea. What if a visitor is passing through. It would cause confusion to an already not so bright driving populace. Without signs everyone would be on there toes.

One thing to keep in mind we are not just talking about removing signs there is other things involved.
But you can’t just take all the street signs down, Lockwood cautions. Roads must be strategically redesigned for slower but better-flowing travel. This requires a new set of cues. Raised brick crosswalks (like those recently installed on St. Paul Street in Charles Village, for example) are a common shared-space tactic for slowing cars at intersections because they provide a visual and tactile signal for motorists to brake and watch for pedestrians. Paving an entire block with brick or cobblestone also changes motorists’ behavior. “This gives drivers a totally different ride, and when they’re going an inappropriate speed for that context, they can feel it,”
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