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If no intersection had stop signs, the same idea applies... there is no assumption that the intersection has a stop sign, because the majority of them do not.
Here all our local streets have a stop sign posted for at least one of the streets at any intersection, which is why both drivers in the accident described were taken off guard. Thus it is a reasonable assumption in this area that all intersections are protected by the requirement of traffic stopping on one street at an intersection. Now they are moving towards making more 4-way stops, which IMHO is overkill.

I'd like to see most of them replaced with yield signs. Actually a yield sign is a higher level of control than a stop sign; it can be debatable after the fact whether someone stopped at a stop sign or not. With a yield sign there is a full obligation upon the party that has it to yield to traffic moving in the other direction.

The only argument I've ever heard against use of more yield signs is one of perverse psychological effect: people tend to think "oh, it's only a yield sign, it doesn't matter as much as a stop sign." Nowadays 'right of way' has become an unknown concept.
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