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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Here, most everyone does that, and I have no quarrel with doing it. The light is still red for traffic in the other direction. As long as you go through while your light is still yellow, it presents no problem, and it is legal. At intersections of major roadways the lights are timed, greatly favoring traffic on the dominant thoroughfare. Making the light saves a lot more than 6 seconds. Being stuck there, waiting for the light to turn green again can often take up to 5 minutes.
It's not legal in NY to speed up to make it through a light... been pulled over for it on numerous occasions.

The judge, on every account, gave me some variant of "the yellow means 'yield and prepare to stop'", not "speed up, you've got at least 3 seconds".

I've never had to pay a ticket for them, though... I'm pretty good at getting out of paying for tickets, usually because I push back court dates for so long the cop just doesn't show up.
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