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Killing individual cylinder ignition

I did a search on the website but I wasn't able to come up with exactly what I am thinking here. Found all sorts of posts talking about removing cyld and such but thats not what I am thinking. Sorry if this has been discussed before.

I know some of the larger V-8's kill cylinders when in cruising mode to improve mpg. I know they do it with the valve train and computer combination.

What I am thinking is killing only the injectors to 2 of the cylinders (out of 4). Now I know it will probably upset the oxygen sensors so I would also have to take a reading of the sensors in normal running mode and maybe also switch in some sort of voltage source or resistor in place of the oxygen sensors, maybe only the #2 sensor since it would see the most increase in oxygen. Maybe this would trick the ecm that nothing is different and not to dump more fuel into the remaining 2 cylds?

Sounds too easy. What Am I missing here?

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