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The Hardbody - '91 Nissan D21 (pickup)
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I have small holes in the undertray for the oil drain plug and the front jack points. I have access to the oil filter and some other rear-engine components through the exhaust tunnel opening.

Unfortunately the front edge of the undertray is fastened by a long row of screws along the edge of the bumper. I have thought that if I have to get more access underneath I will simply cut out a section and reattach it later. I couldn't come up with a good way to make the undertray more modular because shaping and attaching it over quite uneven surfaces required very exacting measurement and the ability of the undertray to bend smoothly over some contours. If I have to remove it, I will probably use it as a template for cutting a new one, as I have a few areas that are patched up.

On another note, I have been extremely happy with the durability of the undertray. My suspension is extremely soft and I live in a city with lots of uneven pavement and steep driveways, so I have scraped bottom many times (I drive kind of hard over bumps too, so as not to lose speed). All the undertray has to show for this punishment is a couple small scrapes and punctures, far too small to make a difference to aero. It's at least as solid as stock.
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