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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
I just realized another problem any OBD-II ECU will pick up on: the variation in crankshaft velocity will result in a check engine light with Cylinder 2 & 4 Misfire codes.

If the Geo Storm has a similar misfire monitor, you may need that carb, or MegaSquirt. Or drive with the Check Engine light on and see if it runs lean enough despite the light.
I'm fairly certain the Storm is OBD-0, if not, it's OBD-1. It's not as advanced.

I was thinking that I'd still allow the ECM to provide fuel to the dead injectors, but pipe them into a return line instead of letting the fuel into the cylinders.

I'm also physically removing two pistons, so there will be no extra flow in the exhaust for the O2 sensor to pick up on, it will only get the flow of the 2 cylinders that are running. Defeating the injectors without throwing a CEL is the only thing I really have to worry about in this case.

I'm also going to be removing the springs and dropping the valves so the cam has less work to do, albeit marginally. I'm going to have to put something into the valve guides to prevent oil from leaking down through them, too.
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