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That is EXACTLY what I was considering to do to a Tempo!

I think it would work. Disable 1 & 4, or 2 & 3. Did you know pistons in parallel twins go up and down in unison? Yeah, so when you block off the crank journals on the dead cylinders, do it so that your block-off is heavy enough to offset some of the counterweight. I was considering cutting the rods off at the big ends but hadn't come to a solid conclusion about if they should be free to rotate or if they should be affixed to the crank somehow. I think clearances to the block would answer that question.

Ignition: I figured on disabling two plugs by hammering the ground onto the center and welding it. Or making a place to ground the two wires externally.

Lifters: There needs to be something in the lifter bores for the oil gallery to function on my OHV. I thought I'd just pull the pushrods and let the lifters float. If that proved to be unacceptable for some unforseen reason I'd affix them in a neutral (no cam contact) position.

EFI: I figured on just pulling the wires off the injectors for the two dead cyls.

Exhaust/O2: Do nothing. Should be fine.

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