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Originally Posted by bgd73 View Post
the theory you inline four runners are running in the counterbalance category is getting a crazier theory by thinking of shuttin down cylinders.

my share of crap four cylinders and down to 3 rods two cylinders spewing headgaskets and on and and and on... there is only one four cylinder in my history of four cylinders that can run on two of the four...and it is a 3 main boxer with two sohc timing belt removed. (I even maintained highway speed)..the rest is flunking tragedy.

inline fours can't do it. don't bother, it is all down or all up, variable valve bs aint even gonna help it.
Not sure what your talking about, I have had an inline 4 before that had a broken spark plug, brok it late one night putting it back together, other then runnig a bit rough and a bit underpower, it ran fine for 2 days until I got around to replaceing the plug.
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