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Your picture didn't show up, but if the grease boot is torn and grease is coming out of the tie rod end even if the ball isn't worn out yet it soon will be from water, dirt and grime getting to it. Tie rod ends are usually not much trouble to change just a matter of removing the front wheel, putting the car on jack stands, removing the cotter pin, removing the castle nut, knocking the tie rod out of the steering knuckle, loosening the locking nut that holds it in place on the tie rod and screwing it off. Installation is just the reverse. If you need other assistance I'd suggest buying a Haynes or Chilton's repair manual which will give written instructions and picture illustrations. Of the two I personally prefer Chilton's because they are usually more informative and have more specifications listed. After you get them changed you'll need to have the front end aligned. When you take the old ones off count the number of revolutions that they are turned onto the tie rod and put the new ones on the same amount and the front end may be pretty close, but not always.

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