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I'd lower it about 1-1/2".
I have the same car a year newer with a B20B. The lowering on AGX's and sport springs made it handle better, and cut some drag. I see 33mpg in mixed driving with the 2.0L, where I was lucky to see 31mpg with the stock engine/stock car.
The lowering has increased negative camber which wears the tires on the inside a little, but I feel this reduced contact patch is helping mpg. When you throw the car into a turn, tire roll pitches in and you get full contact patch and grip when you need it. I've been running Nitto NT450's on 15" rims in the 195-50-15 size. They have a soft carcass and during cruise I'm on the inside edges, but in heavy braking and cornering the "squirm" makes them hook up well so the car still performs. I get about 30k miles out of a set, but have to have them swapped to the other side or the inner tread is done alot sooner.
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