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301 pontiac. I ran one in a delta 88. Very reliable, EGR was a monster, engine needed very deep cleaning, and even removed nuclear debris (Quite a phenomona if to live through it) EGR has been a perfect omen...even in a little subaru...

when back to as normal as I could get it (I was 16 back then)
new lines, etc, 15mpg was good.

the highway had an unusal realm..does your transmission indicator have an "S" somewhere inbetween D and 2 and 1?

that was amazing, kinda like an older powerglide(?) 2 speed with a looooong drawn out gear.

treat it like the gearing of a diesel, big tread etc (I don't mean donk)

I wondered what staying in the rochester little two barrel side of things correctly would have done for my own 301. good luck...

a 600 holley even barreled would be a very very mathed fit.
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