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Ever stopped at a dealer to confim how great your current car is?

I was passing by a local Honda dealership today and got curious if there was any 2010 model that was significantly better than my 11 year old rolling couch. In a word, nope. The cars I looked at had fancy, whiz-bang drivetrains and cabin gadgets. They got the same or worse fuel economy for the same size car, and had less interior and trunk space. Yeah, these were gleaming and new. Then I got into my dented, scraped, well-used car and realized there's nothing like a well-padded bench seat with a flip-up armrest that's had many thousands of miles to conform to my backside.

I know I'll have to get a different car someday. With any luck that day will not be for a very long while. This current car of mine is great in many ways, so it's staying around. And the ways it's not great in are highly subject to driver control!

2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco 6MT
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