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^Amen to that!

Except I like my noisy old ****boxes to be quiet and smooth.

I did buy a new vehicle once, to see what the big fuss was all about. And, as one who must have at least a couple genes in common with the rest of humanity (I think?) I felt the allure of having a new car (and still do from time to time, although it is quite weak). The payments/costs outlasted the thrill by a long shot.

Too bad the alien moniker is taken here; there are times when I feel like an alien looking in on this strange foreign species called humanity, from the lack of having anything in common or any understanding of them. When did people get so hung up on "safety" that the idea of being in a vehicle more than 10 years old was somehow "risky" or unacceptable? Seriously?

Look, I'm not advocating for solid steering columns and sharp spikes on all interior control knobs, but COME ON. People... society... gummint agencies... law enforcement... it wasn't like this before... before when? I dunno exactly... certainly not before the late eighties, and not later than 2000... I think before 9/11 so it isn't that... WTF happened? Was there a mass conspiracy to turn the nation into chicken ****? Did they do it by putting something in the water? What???

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