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Hopefully that bit of code can give people some ideas. It should compile and run on the atmega168 everyone is ordering. I think we should consider that making a bunch of different types of v1 systems might actually be the best. That way anyone that has a palm device can do the interface circuit and use that. From there porting to windows mobile using either the same interface circuit or a bluetooth obd2 interface to get the mpg display working on those devices. Since windows mobile and windows smartphone are getting pretty popular that might be a good thing to invest time in after the palm system is working. Flexibility being the key to a solid v1 system so we can attract donations and build a bounty pot for the later more advanced features that will be harder to implement. Also the windows based systems are typically on an internet enabled phone so having it upload to this website in realtime might be a pretty neat feature.

For those without either device or no interest in those devices and wanting a pretty much permanent install with v2 and beyond capability could do the atmel based system. If we try and keep the code in some language that all the different devices understand it would be much easier to keep the systems all together with features.

If I get time this weekend(after grading papers) I will try and modify the menu system on that code I posted to build a mpg display with the assorted submenus to input the vss and injector correction factors. I will try and get it more in line with the palm menus if possible.

Also the cars with a carb could be included in v1 if we find a cheaply priced flow rate meter. Then a magnet and sensor can be used for the vss signal. Those 2 inputs would be enough to use for an input to the v1 system to give mpg info.

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