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Sheesh. I"m replying to Coyote's post #84, and there are three more posts already. I've had to rewrite my post. LOL. Atmel chips it is. I'll order an Arduino tonight.

Sweet, Coyote. How much memory did it take in the ATmega32? How many pins did you use for the LCD? (Edit: Nevermind. it looks like you used the serial port) It's been a while since I worked in C; I'm surprised how easy I could still follow what you're doing. But I'm sure I couldn't debug it right now. It's gonna be good getting back into it.

Can you draw up a schematic for the input board? Aggh. The book you recommend is $103. I like the vibrating gas pedal idea. Perhaps we can implement an electric shock option for those who still don't get it.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I agree with this, but not to the abandoning of other approaches. For lots of reasons already mentioned in this thread, I prefer the *duino/LCD standalone route, and I want to pursue that as well.
What dbc said above. No abandonment, just taking it in steps. We'll get a handle on the VSS and injector signals and pass them to palm for calculations, logging and user interface. V1 done. Then, we'll get the calculations and logging in the cpu, add an LCD interface, and it becomes a stand alone MPGuino. V1b

@Schultz. I'll need VSS and injector wiring info on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2l, please.

@dbc. Yes, any suggestions on Palm selection would be appreciated.
Roll on,

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