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Thumbs up wanna hear it, here it goes

Here you are S2,
But you gotta tell me where to get a *duino and some of the other stuff you men have been talking about.
I am working on the belief that your car has cruise. none of my info shows any other variant.
Forgive me for not providing pics or diagrams, I will have to figure out how to get info from my garage computer to MY PC.
for a 1996 Cav. 2.2
The PCM is located under the front of the car, behind the bumper on the right [passenger] side.
Connector #1 Pin #10 is a black wire that feeds Injector #1
Connector #3 Pin #1 is a Dark green wire with a white tracer that feeds the pulses to the cruise. 4000 pulses per mile.
I chose that one because it feeds pulses at a fixed rate.
Connector #3 pins # 11&12 yellow & purple from the vss on trans feed variable alternating current, the vss on the trans is a small generator.
I will talk to my son [the CompuGeek] and see if i can network the two 'puters or carry info on one of those sticks he keeps in his pocket or what I need to do. I may have to put that puter on the web and just work from there.
Hope this helps,

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