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I've toyed with the very ideas you have for some time. To really get an answer I suppose one would need to test themselves, which we would expect to be a long term experiment - stock vs, different internals ect.

I considered the 3 stage vtec-e myself, but for the extra cost it was hard to justify. I now have a jdm low mileage (regular) vtec-e on the floor which I purchased for $565 shipped. The problem with rebuilding those engines is that by the time you get new valveguides, which almost always are well past the service limit on high milage hondas, buy the new internals and go through the complete rebuild you could have 2 fairly fresh jdm engines for the same price.

The solution I've been considering is to go turbo with the setup, a very small turbo and non-intercooled, in hopes of reducing pumping losses and operating at leaner AFR's while picking up a bit of power (within reason). I am anxious to see if these theories are true about the turbo/economy benefits.

I believe I would investigate milling the head before changing pistons, the valve reliefs seem to be in an unorthodox location with the z1's. And for your success, I'd recommend getting a real engine management program that you can actually do something with, I'm sure the fuel savings would pay for it.
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