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I guess I'm 'beating a dead horse'by asking this once more, but I keep reading differing information.
One of the aerodynamicists that worked on the EV1 claims that there is nothing to be gained by having the windshield on a car lay back any more than 45 degrees. Also, pointed noses on cars have no real aero effect. As long as the flow transitions smoothly to the sides and top of the vehicle, you can have a bus with excellent aerodynamics.

So why then do I sometimes see comments about laying back a winshield for better aerodynamics ? And why are you guys putting pointed noses on your cars if it doesn't do anything but add weight and get stares ? The cars are not going Mach 1 !

( But then I see comments about a low front end being better for aero than a high front end .......... I'm really confused . )

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