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Originally Posted by jonathan150cc View Post
When dealing with LED headlights in general, why not aim the diodes away from the road, bouncing them off of a highly reflective rear cover that would work as a diffuser and an aiming mechanism. It seems to me it would limit the problem of being a very directional light. Enough LEDs would give very bright light while also being diffused and spread out over a larger lighting area area, like a standard filament bulb.

The design would be something like that of high beams on a tradtionally lighted car.
/ --------------------
l D )-------------------
\ -------------------

Something like that....

The "D" would be the LED while all other symbols would bascially be mirrors...
Kinda hard to fit 120 LED lights and 450ish mirrors into a common headlight housing, I'd think.

Wagonman76 -

I say go for it. I'll consider it on my next vehicle, since Cara is no longer an option for modding (totaled, being picked up at some point when I get my insurance check).

After some more thought, I'm fairly certain you're correct about the reflector pattern of the light housings. I'd want to be sure to mount the LED's on a reflective (mylar?) surface, though, because the diffuser lens will partially reflect light back toward the mounting plate. Best to salvage every photon we can, yea?

I'm interested to see your results here. I assume you'll be doing this with a spare square light? (From one of your GM vehicles.)
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