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Originally Posted by jonathan150cc View Post
Yeah, but that hasn't stopped home LED lighting from reaching the shelves. I mean, why on Earth would I spend $40 for a single LED light bulb that uses 11 wats of juice when I get 2 CFLs for $5 and they use 13 watts?

It would take many years for the power savings to ever pay off but people obviously are buying them or they wouldn't be supermarket shelves...
You have extreme faith in people knowing the difference between efficiency and novelty, sir.

How many people do you think buy them out of impulse solely? How about the ones that are looking for any excuse to show how "green" they are? (I use green in this case in quotes to emphasize that they're only pretending, and in reality, know nothing of the lifestyle which they tout.)

Frankly, if people had a little more fiscal sense, things like this wouldn't be an issue to begin with.
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