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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Kinda hard to fit 120 LED lights and 450ish mirrors into a common headlight housing, I'd think.

Wagonman76 -

I say go for it. I'll consider it on my next vehicle, since Cara is no longer an option for modding (totaled, being picked up at some point when I get my insurance check).

After some more thought, I'm fairly certain you're correct about the reflector pattern of the light housings. I'd want to be sure to mount the LED's on a reflective (mylar?) surface, though, because the diffuser lens will partially reflect light back toward the mounting plate. Best to salvage every photon we can, yea?

I'm interested to see your results here. I assume you'll be doing this with a spare square light? (From one of your GM vehicles.)
PC board would be so handy because of the premade aligned holes, plus the copper on the back to anchor them well in solder. Maybe if I painted the LED side of the PC board bright white? Of course there isn't going to be much space between the LEDs anyway.

I would be doing this on the 6000 wagon. I already have an extra set of identical headlights from my old 6000 wagon that I removed when I put the plow on, and will probably never use them again.

I'm thinking that the +/- 20 degrees light angle on the LEDs would keep the beam from being super directional. If it's too much, then hopefully squaring off the LEDs, combined with the diffusion of the headlight lens, would make a good beam. If the beam is now too straight I could dress a stone dremel wheel as a concave tip that is +/- 10 degrees or whatever, and hit each LED tip with that using a slow drill.

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