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Originally Posted by jonathan150cc View Post
I think we're knocking on the same door but at a different house.

I agree with you. People would purchase it, no matter if it made fiscal sense or not. That's all I'm suggesting. My only argument is that the energy savings would be more significant for the consumption conscious driver while also being a, I think, sounds principle as to how to get LEDs into headlights.
No, we have the same point, but in different words.

Just messin with ya. I know what you're saying, and we are indeed in agreement. I do have a gripe with "new technology" being priced out of even it's own advantage, though.

There are companies selling solar installations around here that the TTP is like 20 years... but the TTL is only 15.

Wagonman76 -

The mylar suggestion was just to paste it onto whatever you're going to mount the LED's on. I don't think mylar is conductive, but you may want to check for that. With the limited space between diodes, it's probably only going to be a few lumens lost to light absorption anyway, but I suppose if you're going to build it, you should build it the best you can, eh?

Up to you entirely, just a suggestion to keep all those lumens facing forward.

I look forward to your experiment/results!
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