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Heavy Goods Vehicle: We Need Computer help and Hints

Me and my group are working on a project around the aerodynamics of a Truck (Heavy Good Vehicle).
We have to test current methods and if possible try to make a few adjustments ourself.

So far I have read that "SideSkirts" and a "Boat Tail" perform good.
We are planning to learn the basics of Aerodynamics and do the heavy calculating with the pc (CFD i think it was called).
I have the program SolidWorks Premium 2009 on my PC and Ansys Fluent. Fluent was a bit to complicated so I'd prefer working with Solidworks and Solidworks Flow Simulation.

Now my question is if you have any idea's that could improve Aerodynamics and if perhaps you have an old Solidworks file of a truck or some links to Tuts to develop stuff like this.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad English (It's not my mother tongue)

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