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Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
The thing that has me puzzled is that there are no areas that look as if they come off for spoiler removal. I see a water jet for the wiper* and two tabs for the light, but no screws / bolts.
I don't have a rear wiper or water jet. So, no luck there.

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
On a different topic - your cars engine temperature. From your previous posts, I am assuming thet you actually drove your car several miles and ... gasp even up a small mountain with the grill completely blocked.
Have you checked your oil lately ? It must be completely burt by now !
I just changed the oil a few days ago actually. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
What does the engine temperature read when you are driving like this ?
Well, the entire trip when I was having the "trouble" the temperature gauge never went above it's normal position, about 3/8ths above "cold"

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
Also, how do you drive in rush hour traffic ?
Yep, sure do. I almost always use P&G in town, so no real risk of overheating there. A few times I have intentionally driven "normally" and had no problem overheating then either.

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
I see that you now have a small hole for the radiator ( clever idea with your throttle cable mod. )
How often were you smelling fumes from the radiator ?
I've never smelled coolant in this car, except when I first bought it, back when it had a blown headgasket. With the enormous plume of vaporized coolant coming out of the back at that time, I'm sure that the entire neighborhood could smell coolant.

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
I'm guessing that the only thing that saved your engine was that you did not have a belly pan installed to trap all of that heat in.
So, as it turns out, the real "problem" was the MAF (or whatever) not resetting once you've reached a higher altitude (with correspondingly less dense air) and it's detrimental effects on power production.

Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
I am looking very forward to your next mods - especially any involving that spoiler.
I think any further mods are gonna have to wait till I get some FE instrumentation. Except, of course, unbelting the alternator. IF, I can get ahold of some free or low cost batts.
"I got 350 heads on a 305 engine. I get 10 miles to the gallon. I ain't got no good intentions." - The Drive By Truckers.

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