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Thanks for the reply !
From looking at the picture of the spoiler bracket, it is slightly over-exposed so I can't tell what I'm really looking at. It looks as if there are two bolt holes where the light is located. Is that right ?

I'm thinking of just being a copy-cat ( you know the saying about imitation being the most sincere for of flattery ) with the tail light, except I will just try and add some length to the wiring so that I can use the stock light.

From what you have said about your car not overheating with no cooling what-so-ever, I think my engine must have other problems because the radiator often spills over into the overflow container.
Also, my oil seems darker than it should be for the few miles I have put on the car since I changed it last ( less than 1000 miles )
( I don't know a thing about cars and it really shows.)

Maybe I'm just overly paranoid.
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