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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I ordered the parts for one little battery monitor for Lithium cells. I have my little voltage regulator in the garage (0-3amp, 0-30v) that I'll simulate the cell sagging and charging. ya!

I figured that if I had $20,000, and I could aeromod a car, that I could probably get 200watt*hr/mi, and about 310 miles of range.
Hey all, I've been reading this thread for a while and finally decided to post. I have a '92 GMC Sonoma (Basically an S10) that I plan on converting to electric after I build a Cougar controller.

In response to the above post, I happen to have 500+ 18650 Lithium cells that I salvaged from a set of identical laptop battery packs that were lightly used (I do a lot of computer salvage hehe), which I charged and balanced with a Bantam BC8 charger. So Paul, if you need some cells to fry... I mean test! your BMS on I wouldn't mind shipping you 50, 100, 200 cells, loaning you the charger, or sending you some output data from it so you can charge lithiums without them asploding (taking a blowtorch to a dead cell is quite exciting!)

Also, for anyone out there looking for a computer for EV related stuff I can probably hook you up with one without too much trouble... just don't expect it to be new. I'm hoping to start building a control board sometime in the next month... any major hardware changes in the pipeline I should wait for?

Hope to be of some help to somebody

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