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Hi Grimm! My goodness. Let's see. The BMS is for a pack of Thundersky batteries. Those are Lithium Iron Phosphate. Do you know the charging algorithm for Lithium ion? I wonder how similar it is. It will be a little while before I make the charger. It's 6kW, so that would be a bit much maybe for 18650 cells. hehehe.

As for new and fancy control boards, I know Adam is working on some stuff, and those crazy Australians (MCUDogs. hehe) have done all sorts of awesome things. Also, I'm going to do a surface mount version as well as a Synchronous rectification version. I finally will have a little money because we have a son! Hurray Taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! So I'll be able to send the layout stuff to the PCB company. Oh the joy and rapture...
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