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drivetrain swap from gas to greasel. .02 advice from one and all sought !

i will be doing the swap in my garage bay, on time-lapse photography. the end result will be AMAZING !

I am aiming to beat THIS
http://www.carpages.....n_07_10_02.asp for mpg. ( my goal is 50-100 MPG with varied inputs of propane, grease , perhaps a twee bit of steam down the line )

My donor body is a flawless 1984 Corolla fastback wagon. 79,000 miles, and a bad gas engine. yes, yall yankees can be jealous, Texas has allmost no rust ! (anybody need a good 84 gas carbonator ? ill let it go cheap !!!.. )

my motor to be put in is a low LOW miles as -new japan Toyota 1.8 non turbo diesel


this sites Instrumentation thread seems to be just about completely gas based. my gauges will be almost all multiple temp gauges for fuel, engine, exhaust. . multiple valve controls for fuel mixes. this will be the most ive ever put in.

what do I need to look for before i find it or realize i need it ?
i do appreciate any and all advice.

i KNOW i will have to do work on the wiring, the coolant system, the fuel system .. additional gauges, some major stuff. .all my motor and transmission mounts appear to be directly the same. but if anyone can offer any suggestions i AM OPEN ! i have not even yanked the gas motor yet ! .

I already own a Datsun SD22 720 Pickup i run mostly on grease, and a Cummins 4BT3.9 in a dually 1 ton chevy truck.
i know my way around basics for most diesels, and i know everything about gas engines. ive never done a swap on a VERY small car like this by myself. everything looks to match up. i know there will be wiring, cooling system re route, exhaust work, perhaps CV shaft building. motor mounts appear to mostly bolt up. anyone care to join me in the building of this car via tech consulting in this thread? it shall be a long thread, as this is a total swap and grease conversion.

WilliamSven on any forum or Messenger. Yahoo, Aim,

WilliamsSven on facebook or myspace.

more photos on my photobucket to be uploaded.

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