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I managed to find out that I have 2.29 gears in the back, so that puts me at around 1600 rpm at 60 mph. Not bad at all. I'm almost positive I've got a TH200 3 speed on it, and I'll check the oil pan for confirmation next time I drive it.

I've also ran several different dyno's and simulations on it, and I found that a mild cam with a little bit of overlap would increase my highway mpg by 2-5. While you can't exactly trust the numbers 100%, it does tie in with logic. The stock cam has almost no overlap, if I remember correctly. So some overlap will do her good in all realms of efficiency. Not to mention that I very rarely run at WOT, so my EGR might as well not exist.

Oh and I'm also going to lean up the mixture a little bit. Smells a little too rich right now.

And a tranny swap is almost 100% out of the question right now. I don't even come close to having the money right now. One day I'll throw in a 4 speed though
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