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El Mirage

I just visited with family in Phoenix/Peoria,AZ.
One of my nephews worked for a sport truck racing team owned by a Mr.Cenni.
They did development work at El Mirage and my nephew claims that the lake bed is "open",not gated like Bonneville.
You might call the Adelanto Sheriff's Dept. and check.
Or you can join the Southern California Timing Association and run at one of their scheduled meets.
Snell approved helmet,5-lb fire extinguisher,metal valve stems,caps,and forward driveshaft sling ( if RWD ) is all that is required for "street class".
They provide fire and rescue,ambulance,and CARE-Flight if necessary.
Tires must be rated for your anticipated speed and you may have to do a 100-mph handling run to make sure your speed-indicating equipment is reasonably calibrated.
Get someone to video your run.The dust rooster-tail will reveal your wake.
Much cheaper than a big wind tunnel.
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