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I'm against the idea of milling the Z1 head; it already looks pretty shallow along with a unique quench pad design that compliments the piston and looks to promote swirl, yet the piston has a fairly large dish. Aim here was just to improve the combustion/power cycle.

I haven't had time to inspect the head myself, but if the valve guides are the problem I can get it done pretty cheap;(I paid $100 for the motor and transmission btw). I hope it's the rings that are bad though(maybe even just be the PCV!). The internals are sourced from my D15B VTEC, so only items that would need to be bought are bearings(if out of spec), seals, rings, etc. My goal was to have something better than a OE engine.

Crome should be fine for my needs. I'm not doing anything special so no need to get something more powerful than what the stock ECU is capable of. My D15B VTEC, on the other hand, is waiting on Megasquirt-III/MS3X. Surprisingly, the MS system looks to fit my needs better than the +$1000 ECU systems out there(yes, it'll make use of many advanced features). Only reason I'd switch ECU is for flex fuel though; in which case I'd probably go with Megasquirt also.
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