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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
aerohead -

Thanks for the info. It's about 70 minutes from home, so I may go up and investigate. Even though faster speeds make aeromods more "visible" in the data (right?!?!?!), I doubt I would go over 70 MPH. I can datalog the OBD-II protocol, so I think I could do "quality" testing with/without aeromods. I think a good aeromod would show a lower engine load (OBD-II parameter LOD) at X RPM * Y MPH.

Yes,the square/cube relationship for aero drag/power really shows with speed.That's why top speed remains a telling indicator of efficiency.
The beauty of the OBD-II tech is that you don't have to burn through tankfulls of fuel to learn if a mod is working.It's the way of the future.
In addition to tuft testing,El Mirage could make for "dramatic" video.If you run up there,you might take along a co-pilot which could shoot footage as you drive at normal highway velocity across the lakebed,capturing your car's wake.
I hope to do this one day with the T-100/Viking combo.And with the gap-fillers!
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