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I ordered a mpguino kit from fundamental logic in august of 2009 and I never received the shipment.
After the order I got an email from fundamental that the package will be shipped by PayPal Shipping with Canada Post.
And I also got a tracking number. But the tracking ended right were it began at Missisauga, Canada post.

After waiting 30 business days I started sending emails to fundamental logic, canada post and paypal.
Fundamental never answered.
Canada post said it's sender's responsibility to make a claim of disappeared shipment. And that just does not make sense. It is me who has not received the package. So I emailed again Fundamental and got no answer.

So after 2 months of useless waiting, I bought the needed parts from my home country. I chose to use the Arduino Duemilanove Atmega328 platform which was a good decision. Because I needed the metric version, I could use those metric software versions which may not fit to the ATmega168 prosessor. A few guys here have done a good job converting these softwares from usa to metric.
And with the Arduino Duemilanove Atmega328 you can load easily whatever version you like using the USB.

After using the mpguino about 2 months I realized that I have the Peak and hold injectors in my car.

Now I'm trying to make the MPGuino to show reasonable readings. That needs some time and testing but I think It's possible.
I changed the injector delay 500us to 2us and
at least now it responds very well to how much I press the gas pedal, which is an improvement to the right direction.

Good luck!
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