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Originally Posted by luvit View Post
a honda 2000 KW is plenty. the charging would use no more than 1800 KW at 15amp current.

there may be some cars that would require 2500 KW generators, but that depends if a car's charging cable would need to be 20amp current.
Wow, dude, I think you meant 2000 W, or 2 kW, not 2000 kW!!!. That's more than 2680hp, enough to pull a train. So yeah, 2000 kW is plenty.

I used EcoModder's calculator to see how much power is required to keep a certain speed (not accelerate). I used the default numbers, exept Cd=0.26. 2 kW would keep you rolling at just under 35mph (35mph requires 2,148W), while to go 55mph you'd need 5,982W. That's really not much. Changing to Cd=0.32 gives 6,993W @ 55mph.

So, in the first case (Cd=0.26), exactly 1/3 of your power would come from the 2kW generator, extending your battery life by that much. If you count in "burger&pee" stops, coasting and regenerative braking, subtract acceleration, then you could probably extend your range by 50%-60%. A 5kW gennie would be more than enough if you stay below 50mph.

So ai4kk: once you get your wagon converted and aeromodded, use the calculator to see how big a generator you'd need. You'll see that the engine from the donor car will be way too big.
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