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Originally Posted by etlaare View Post
That looks so neat.

I always wondered how such small components could survive such high temperatures for so long though ...

Do You compare the pack voltage for the pre-charge or is it just a timer ?
They have been manufactured to handle the heat of reflowing.

The pre-charge isn't much different then what is in place now. It just has some safety circuitry, resistor and relay all onboard. It will still use the pc-time setting in the controller to control when the controller closes the contactor, but you wont have an external resistor, or relay. The safety circuit doesn't allow the contactor to close if there is still pre-charge current still flowing.

The bus voltage measurement stuff will be able to be used to enable things like motor voltage limiting and for data output for graphing to sense sag. We should also be able to enable some form of LVC too.

Originally Posted by mrbigh View Post
Cool, I want to sign-up NOW for a controller board for my IGBT powered equipment.
Soon. lol real soon. I will be able to have them rapidly populated if I get enough orders together. These 2 boards were not worth the hassel of putting all the different value parts into the feeders and then the feeders into the machines. BUT, if im making a panel or 2 at a time, that will be totally worth it.

On a side note. I am currently working on developing an expansion board that will bring all these new features that have been added in hardware to the users with the original control board. It will be a simple connection to the main board with a 6 pin ribbon cable that will attach to the ISP connector that is in place.

On this board, I will be including the precharge circuity, bus voltage measurement circuitry, and I was thinking a tach pulse input from motor with a tach pulse output to drive an in-vehicle tach with software scaling so that it will display the right RPM. What do you think?

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