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Hi Adam,

Good stuff !!! Sign me up for one of your PCB sets (controller - driver - expanded I/O). Just add your new proposed power board and you have a very nice system !!!

Soon. lol real soon. I will be able to have them rapidly populated if I get enough orders together. These 2 boards were not worth the hassel of putting all the different value parts into the feeders and then the feeders into the machines. BUT, if im making a panel or 2 at a time, that will be totally worth it.
Don't tell me that’s your own conveyor driven reflow oven in your garage. And I suppose you have a paste stencil and pick-n-place machine too !!!

On a side note. I am currently working on developing an expansion board that will bring all these new features that have been added in hardware to the users with the original control board. It will be a simple connection to the main board with a 6 pin ribbon cable that will attach to the ISP connector that is in place
Why are you connecting your expanded I/O PCB into the ISP port? Is the ATMEGA8 I/O maxed out ??? Is there another compatible ATMEGA that has more I/O ?

Good job,


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