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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
integrating a vehicle speed sensor signal might have more than just monitoring energy per mile/speed uses.

some possibilities include
1. detecting wheel slip.
2. rev matching for faster clutchless shifting, plug in the ratios and have one small pushbutton finger operated switch on the shifter to select rpm for the next gear (based on vehicle speed) and one to select the previous. controller can send a pulse or a brake to quickly find the next rpm.
That sounds pretty sweet. Makes me think that this thing should get some code for cruise control as well after the speed sensor is installed. With the speed sensor you could have it act just like any other manual and give you a little light when you should change to a lower gear to get the absolute best range. Also, with fine RPM control and motor amps we could totally make it adapt to icy roads automatically. It wouldn't be too hard to make it determine when the wheels break loose and then have it give just enough power to get moving without making the wheels slip. Try doing that in an ICE!

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